Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair Specialists

What We Do

The professionals at Cowboys Collision Center use a specialized set of tools and techniques to remove dents from a vehicle without the use of paint, bondo, or any chemicals that are harsh to the environment. We take a set of specialized tools to the backside of the metal, and we gently massage the dent back to it's original state, all the while being extremely careful to not disturb the factory finish. Cowboys Collision Center knows that using Paintless Dent Repair saves all parties involved precious time and money while maintaining the vehicle's integrity, thus keeping the value of your vehicle intact.

  • Skills:

    • Best Paint
    • Best Body Technicians
    • Trained Staff in Metal Work
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction

We Propvide to Our Customers

  • Lifetime warranty on your repairs
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Vehicle status updates throughout your repair
  • The ultimate customer experience
  • Friendly, passionate employees who are committed to your satisfaction